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2016 ShagzWife 0mph tip-over counter

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Re: 2016 ShagzWife 0mph tip-over counter

Postby TLSR381 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:24 am

July BHF had 1...in the grass, though, so that was nice. Also on the right side, which is good. Falling on left side means Bryan has to open up and clean out air box.

July Motovid day also had 1...but I maintain it was not my fault. It happened, though, so it counts. I made arrangements for someone to let me off stand all day, since Bryan was out on track when I needed to be leaving pit. On the 2ND to last session of the day, my good Samaritan forgot about leaning the bike to the left...and down we went.

So this puts me up to 5.
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