Nicky remembrance

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Nicky remembrance

Postby Sportbiker » Tue May 23, 2017 4:31 pm

He was always my guy on the starting line. Anybody come across any decals or stickers that can be had? I've seen several on FB, but they all look like local giveaways. I want a pair, one for the track glass and one for the street bodywork. Will post up a shot of a pic of my Nicky painting/representation from 2006. Still a bit in shock he's gone.
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Re: Nicky remembrance

Postby shagzomatic » Wed May 24, 2017 9:48 am

RIP. He was just hitting the top in GP when I was starting to get into it, so he's kinda been there for my entire interest in moto racing. :( It's also remarkable to me, the amount of notoriety he appears to have outside of motorcycle circles. Multiple NASCAR drivers were sporting 69 stickers at their last race, and a friend of mine who's big into triathlon was commenting on seeing posts from top-flight cyclists, triathletes, and rock climbers show up in his social media feed. He had a much broader impact than I had previously realized.

Stickers...Pop Shadow & Drippin Wet got together and are using the same artwork for stickers, but theirs are a straight up giveaway -- send them a SASE and they'll send you stickers back. I just saw Alpha 1 Vinyl Works is doing a donation-based campaign with theirs, where 100% of money collected will go to the RRW Action Fund for airfence -- they're covering time, materials, and shipping costs ( ... 121809891/). I haven't seen any sticker sales benefiting the family or anything, just a teddy bear. :dunno:
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