My Crazy Road America day

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My Crazy Road America day

Postby Sportbiker » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:10 pm

Went with STT on Tues, June 6. Met three guys who were particularly friendly so plenty of chit-chat early in the morning. Not typical for me. Intermediate wasn't very full, love that. But the mentioned a lot of Advanced riders were doing Intermediate b/c of some of the top talent doing the Advanced class. Weird, never heard that happen before.

Simple breakdown of my fun.
  • Morning had tons of false neutrals, especially between 4 and 5. Made that front straight... interesting. Went back to stock rearset on shift side; solved.
  • Stopped after first afternoon session in my Baxley and noticed fluid coming from my belly pan! :dominatrix: I was scared stupid it was oil and I'd left it all over the track. It was Engine Ice. That's odd. Turns out the clamp at the water pump broke. The angel must've been holding that hose on during my front straight runs. Suspension guy saved the day with a new clamp. Best $3 I ever spent.
  • Stopped early in next session to double check for coolant. No coolant but noticed an odd nut in my bell pan. It was from my headers/block! :o Too freaked out to finish up that session but went back at it during the next one.

All that crap cut heavily into my confidence and the lap times showed it. Also learned I need a fuel mapper to deal with my cat-less exhaust. That won't happen till winter so I'll have to suffer with some deader spots in the power curve.

As always, a day at the track is better than a day at work. Even if I was out for the rest of the day, I'd have just sat at a corner, drank beer, and enjoyed the sights and sounds. Super stoked for the Motovid events at RA and Broken Wing.
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