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Exhaust mod thoughts

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Exhaust mod thoughts

Postby Sportbiker » Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:59 pm

What would you do?

I got my cat delete mid-pipe today; 2 weeks early. My Road America day starts effectively on Monday evening.

Option 1. Leave the stock exhaust as-is. If I do this, I either have to cut the Sharkskinz belly pan or go with street bodywork. Not sure which I should choose for this either.

Option 2. Put the new exhaust on Sunday and hope the ECU tunes in time for the track. Hard to tell from others whether the ECU adjusts in 50mi, or 1000mi. And if it doesn't adjust I'd bet the bike will be unhappy with me switching back again.

I really want to do Option 2 but it carries a lot of risk. So I'm asking what you would do in my circumstances.
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Re: Exhaust mod thoughts

Postby shagzomatic » Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:13 pm

Personally, I don't like making major bike changes any closer than a few days prior to an event, otherwise I start getting nervous because I start feeling rushed. Unless this does something like eliminating an O2 sensor, though, I don't think you'll be in a horrible place with the bike, performance-wise. It may run a little sluggish, but I would be surprised if it creates any big power surges or anything else that would cause you super dangerous issues. That bike definitely has a lot of electronics to potentially get fussy, though so... :dunno:

Since you're planning on eliminating the cat anyway, I probably wouldn't cut up your track belly pan for it if it were me. Granted, you're not planning on racing so you don't necessarily need it from a tech requirement standpoint, but it's a good way to help prevent yourself from severely oiling down a track should anything go seriously south in the future. So if you decide to leave the mod off until later, if it were me I'd probably leave the street skins on it this time.
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